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Information on ESF I Publication rules
The ESF is alaways seeking customer reviews for wich purpose they record details of "Email" and "Lesson dates". All other customers can submit an unsollicited review on this website.

    Rule n°1 : The reviews given are true review published exclusively by real pupils having followed courses at ESF.
    Rule n°2 : All customer reviews are published, including the negative ones.
    Rule n°3 : The only reviews deleted are those wich are illegal or injurious or wich infringue our guidelines.
    Rule n°4 : The reviews are published within a maximum 2 weekd delay.
    Rule n°5 : The reviews are published in chronological order, according to the date of submission, from the most recent to the oldest.
    Rule n°6 : ESF promises to provide any authority who should request them with client invoice details associated to each review.

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