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  • Description : Today, the Ecole du Ski Français is the largest ski school in the world, with 2,000,000 pupils taking 800,000 tests every year.
  • Adress : 6 Allée des Mitaillères, 38246 Meylan
  • Phone number : 04 76 90 67 36
  • Website : www.esf-uk.co.uk
The ESF is alaways seeking customer reviews for wich purpose they record details of "Email" and "Lesson dates". All other customers can submit an unsollicited review on this website.

    Rule n°1 : The reviews given are true review published exclusively by real pupils having followed courses at ESF.
    Rule n°2 : All customer reviews are published, including the negative ones.
    Rule n°3 : The only reviews deleted are those wich are illegal or injurious or wich infringue our guidelines.
    Rule n°4 : The reviews are published within a maximum 2 weekd delay.
    Rule n°5 : The reviews are published in chronological order, according to the date of submission, from the most recent to the oldest.
    Rule n°6 : ESF promises to provide any authority who should request them with client invoice details associated to each review.

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